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Prepare For A More Predictable Heating Bill

heating bill planning vermontThe last thing we need in the months to come is more surprises—including unexpected heating bills that can show up when a cold snap hits eastern Vermont.

In these unpredictable times, a little certainty goes a long way—and certainty is exactly what you get when you take advantage of flexible pricing and payment options from Junction Fuels!

Predictable is Good!

We can all use a little excitement in our lives these days—just not when it comes to paying for our propane or heating oil. Our payment options can make bill paying predictable for 2021-22 winter ahead, giving you one less thing to think about amid the holiday season.

Our pricing and payment options include:

Make paying for propane deliveries and heating oil deliveries more predictable and less stressful with convenient and fee-free payment options from Junction Fuels. Contact us today to get started!