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Junction Fuels Vs. C.O.D. Companies

local fuel company vermontYou might be tempted to buy heating oil or propane in Vermont based solely on price – but like the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

The truth is, there are a ton of here-today, gone-tomorrow C.O.D. fuel companies operating throughout New England – including Vermont – that offer deals that seem too good to be true.

The good news is we’re not one of them.

Instead of cut-rate service and shady deals, Junction Fuels provides dependable, safe heating oil deliveries and propane deliveries in Woodstock, VT and surrounding areas to homes and businesses alike – always at great prices, and always when and where you need them, in any weather.

Qualities Of A Good Fuel Company

As a local Vermont company, we’re your neighbors: we’re based here, we live here, and our employees have deep roots here. All of that makes us deeply invested in the area – and more importantly, in your satisfaction (we would never let a neighbor down!). Unlike fly-by-night C.O.D. companies, Junction Fuels offers:

  • Always reliable oil and propane deliveries
  • Convenient FREE services like automatic delivery and our online fuel ordering tool
  • Competitive prices and NO fees (you pay only for the product you order)
  • Flexible payment options, including our Pre-buy and Budget Plan programs, to keep your heating bills more manageable
  • Expert heating equipment installation, maintenance, and repair service to keep your equipment in top shape
  • Annual service plans, which include repair discounts, priority service, and more
  • Low Fuel Prices In VT – And So Much More

    When you choose Junction Fuels for your heating oil or propane (or any of our home other heating or cooling product or services) you’ll get much more than a great price –you’ll get great value and priceless peace of mind.

    Join the Junction Fuels family today and experience the difference for yourself!