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What Is A Ductless Air Conditioning System?

mini-split ac systems vermontYou’ve probably seen those small indoor cooling machines high up on the wall in Woodstock-area homes, hotels, and restaurants. But what do you really know about these high efficiency units?

Basically, ductless (also called “mini-split”) systems are a great, cost-effective alternative to inefficient window A/Cs – and, in some cases, central air conditioners, space heaters and electric baseboard heaters, too. They’re the top option for homes that don’t have existing ductwork, and a great option anywhere you need cold or warm air efficiently delivered indoors.

Ductless cooling (and heating) 101

New to ductless cooling and heating? Here are the basics:

When you add it up, a mini-split air conditioner set-up has big advantages over window air conditioners, giving you many of the benefits of central air conditioning without the need for ductwork. A ductless system can also be used to supplement your primary central air system, providing relief for your main cooling equipment as it manages hard-to-cool rooms or home additions.

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