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Air Conditioning Installation and Service in Eastern Vermont

If you need A/C service or repair, look no further than Junction Fuels.

Summer here in Eastern Vermont is something special.

Head outdoors, and there’s tons to do. Hiking trails are abundant, like at the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park and Quechee State Park. There are great trails for mountain biking. Go tubing on the White River. Find local produce and crafts at Market on the Green in Woodstock.

But if it gets too hot and muggy out, relax at home in the air conditioning!

east vermont air conditioning

You can get reliable A/C service with Junction Fuels together with A.L. Bellimer Services. Our team of air conditioning experts can handle A/C installations, maintenance, and repair work to keep your home cool all summer long.

We offer FREE estimates on all A/C system upgrades or replacements!

Cooling and heating make up close to half of your home’s energy costs. Choosing the best air conditioning system is essential for energy efficiency and to get the most bang for your cooling buck.

If your central air conditioning system is 12 years old or older, it’s time to start planning to replace it. Upgrading now means you won’t have to worry about inefficient cooling, breakdowns and costly repairs. You’ll also save on your energy bills, because upgrading to an Energy Star-rated central air conditioning system can cut your cooling costs up to 30%!

Junction Fuels, together with A. L. Bellimer Services, will work with you to choose the air conditioner that fits not only the size of your home, but your cooling needs and your budget.

What is a ductless air conditioning system? And is it the right choice for my home?

You may think that, when it comes to air conditioning, the only choice you have is central air or window units. But there is a third option: a ductless mini-split system.

If your home is heated with a boiler, you likely don’t have the ductwork needed for central air conditioning. Installing ductwork is a big, messy and expensive job. Window units are inefficient, unattractive, and a hassle to install and remove.

Ductless mini-splits give you air conditioning with no ductwork needed, and no window units to put in and take out. They’re great for all kinds of homes, because they offer efficient zoned heating and can give you air conditioning in spaces like home additions and finished attics.

A/C repairs, maintenance, and more.

Our trained and experienced service technicians will expertly install your new central air conditioning system or mini-split air conditioners, and get the job done right so you can enjoy a cool home with no worries. We show up on time, work quickly and cleanly to minimize disruption in your home, and clean up before we leave.

And that’s just the start. We help you protect your investment with regular maintenance so that your air conditioning runs as efficiently as possible, for maximum energy savings and fewer breakdowns.

But if you do need air conditioning repair, we are here for you with prompt and professional service, from Bethel to Plymouth and everywhere in between.

Keep your home cool and comfortable with AC installation, maintenance and repair service from Junction Fuels & A.L. Bellimer Services. Get in touch with us today to get started!