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Propane Fireplace Installation & Repair in Eastern Vermont

Enjoy warmth and comfort all year long with a new propane fireplace, hearth or gas log set!

There’s nothing like coming home after a day out in the cold of a Vermont winter and relaxing by a warm, comfortable fire.

But when you have a wood-burning fireplace or hearth, you have some work to do before that can happen. You have to buy or chop firewood, bring it in the house, build the fire, and then wait for it to warm up the room.

propane fireplace vermont

The work continues when you’re done, because the fireplace needs to be cleaned—and the soot and ashes make it a dirty job.

Skip all of that and go straight to the relaxing-by-the-fire part with a propane fireplace or hearth. Together with A. L. Bellimer Services, we’ll make sure you have warmth, comfort and ambience with just the flip of a switch or the press of a button.

Today’s propane fireplaces and gas logs offer realistic looks that more closely resemble a wood fire—all while you get the benefits a wood fire will never give, including:

  • Adjustable heat settings.
  • Blowers so the heat doesn’t just stay by the fireplace but can reach all parts of an indoor space, even a large one like today’s open-concept family room/kitchen/dining areas.
  • Programmable temperature settings.
  • No particulates from wood smoke, which are bad for your health and the environment.
  • Safe, reliable heating during power outages.

We can install a wide array of models built to perfectly fit your home—and your style!

Junction Fuels & A.L. Bellimer Services is based right here in Woodstock. We understand local homes and what our neighbors want.

That’s why folks keep turning to us to help them choose the right propane fireplace and hearth products for comfort, ease and convenience.

Our equipment experts will walk you through selecting the best model for your home, whether it’s a vented propane fireplace, a vent-free propane fireplace, a freestanding propane fireplace or a propane fireplace insert. We’ll also help you choose the gas logs. You’ll get a propane fireplace that not only does a great job of keeping your room warm, but one that looks great too!

Once you have chosen the right propane fireplace for your home, the Junction Fuels service technicians provide fireplace installation, service and repairs.

Don’t forget the propane for your new fireplace! We offer dependable, safe propane delivery, so you’ll be able to enjoy cozy comfort throughout the winter. We deliver propane all over the greater Woodstock area, including Bridgewater, Killington, Hanover, Bethel and Plymouth.

Ready to enjoy the comfort and convenience of a propane fireplace? Get in touch with Junction Fuels & A.L. Bellimer Services to find out more about our propane fireplace installation and service.