Heating Oil

heating oil

The average high temperature during January in the Woodstock area is 29 degrees. And the lows can sink into the single digits or below zero. On those days, you want a heating fuel that will get your home warm fast and keep it warm. And nothing does that better than heating oil, which gets your home warm faster than any other fuel source. Junction Fuels is Woodstock’s reliable, local heating oil delivery company.

Our heating oil delivery offers:

  • Automatic delivery or call when you need it
  • Low overhead = low prices
  • No fees, pay only for the product you order
  • Payment plans available to qualified buyers
  • Quality service partner with over 30 years’ experience—A.L. Bellimer Services
  • Annual Service Plans available

Junction Fuels Pre-buy Program

Pre-Buys can be a great way to cover 100% of your fuel needs from October 1 – April 30. Your #2 heating oil is purchased at the time of contract signing, locking in the price for the gallons you purchase regardless of market prices during the heating season. Pre-Buy customers enjoy Automatic Delivery. With a pre-buy option, you’ll have no need worrying about forgetting to order or running out of fuel!

Junction Fuels Budget Plan Program

Let us help ease the burden of your fuel needs by spreading the cost over 12 months.

Contact us to get started.