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What’s Your Plan for Heating System Breakdowns?

Don’t Let Unexpected Equipment Repairs Take a Bite Out of Your Winter Budget

hvac service vermontResidents here know how tough a Vermont winter can be. Those frigid temps, ice, and snow makes your heating system work extra hard for months on end. If your heating system conks out on a freezing night, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of repairs. And if you need to replace a major part, it can get expensive with costs that add up quickly.

Did you know that on average, a furnace or boiler repair can cost between $300 and $400—and repairs to a water heater can run close to $600? That’s why it’s important to have a plan—a heating system service plan, that is!

[h3] Junction Fuels Has Got You Covered

Junction Fuels have created a service plan that’s designed to help you save money—even if you don’t need any immediate repair services! In fact, with our service plan, the goal is to prevent breakdowns entirely. Our plan includes an annual equipment cleaning and thorough boiler tune-up. Our expert technicians perform a multipoint check so they can identify worn parts and replace them before they cause bigger problems.

A tune-up not only protects your boiler or furnace, but it also protects your warranty, too. Most heating equipment warranties require annual service. So, without routine maintenance, you might find yourself shelling out money for repairs because your warranty is voided.

Regular maintenance also keeps your heating equipment running more efficiently, which helps lower your heating costs. And when temperatures plummet, it will be able to handle the extra work and keep your home and family comfortable, no matter what winter brings.

Finally, regular maintenance protects your investment by extending the lifespan of your heating system. A new heating system is a big expense, one you don’t want to make sooner than you must.

Our Available Plans

We offer two levels of service plans:

Value Plan ($289.99/yr)
Oil Equipment Only

Don’t Be Fuel-ish Plan ($239.99/yr)
Oil and Propane Equipment

Enjoy a Worry-Free Winter

Even with the best maintenance, sometimes your equipment can fail. But with a heating system service plan from Junction Fuels, you can rest easy knowing you’ll save on repairs and labor. Plus, every customer enrolled in our service plan also gets priority service. That means you don’t go to the back of the line when you call—even during the worst cold snaps!

If that sounds like a good plan for avoiding expensive repairs this winter, contact us for more information and to sign up today!

*All plans exclude Power Venters
*White Rodgers Zone Valves are excluded on all plans