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How To Avoid A Fuel Run-out This Winter

avoid fuel run out vermontWinter is a busy time here in Vermont, with school in session, ski season in full swing, and lots on the go from all corners of our hectic life. Sometimes, a flurry of activity can take so much of our time and attention that we forget to take care of some pretty important stuff – like checking the gauge on our heating oil or propane tank.

The problem during the winter is that you are probably using fuel more quickly than you realize, especially when a classic New England cold front settles in – and without keeping a close eye on your fuel levels, you could easily run out.

It goes without saying that being without heat in the middle of a Vermont winter is no fun, but it’s not the only problem that can result from a fuel run-out: in an oil-fired system, for example, sludge from the dregs of your tank can clog filters and fuel lines. If your heat goes down, you could easily end up with frozen, or even bursting, water pipes – a problem that could cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Things aren’t much better it you use propane: if you run out of gas, your system automatically shuts down and must be professionally restarted and pressure tested – all at your expense. You could also end up with a propane leak.

The takeaway here: you definitely want to avoid a fuel run-out!

Avoiding Running Out Of Fuel

The good news is there are some simple things you can do to avoid running out of heating oil or propane in central Vermont home:

What To Do If You Do Run Out Of Fuel

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