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Propane Pricing & Payment Options

We’ll Make Managing Your Propane Costs Painless!

budget plan chart

One of the advantages of being a locally based and locally operated company is that we know our customers, because we’re your neighbors.

That gives us insight into your individual needs for how to manage your propane usage and your propane costs.

We don’t do cookie-cutter when it comes to helping you control your propane costs. Instead, we give you options for propane pricing and payments so that you have the power to choose what works with your needs and your budget.

Budget Plan

There’s a reason our Budget Plan is so popular. It makes managing your propane costs easy! Instead of dealing with the yo-yoing of higher bills in the winter and lower bills in the spring and summer and trying to plan your payments, you’ll have all of that hassle taken off your plate. Your costs are spread out into even, monthly payments. No surprise, and no uncertainty, which makes it easier for you to plan your expenses.

Pre-Buy Program

With our Pre-Buy Program, you purchase your propane ahead of the heating season and lock in the price for the gallons of propane you purchase. No matter how the market prices fluctuate during the winter, you can rest easy. Pre-Buy customers also get Automatic Delivery, which means that along with not having to worry about the price of your propane, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to order more, or running out!

NOTE: The enrollment period for our 2021-2022 Propane Pre-Buy Program is now closed.

Fixed Price Program

Protect yourself and your wallet from market fluctuations is our Fixed Price Program. How does it work? At the beginning of the season, we’ll set an agreed-upon price per gallon for your propane. Your propane won’t ever go above that price.

NOTE: The enrollment period for our 2021-2022 Propane Fixed Price Program is now closed.

Become a Junction Fuels customer and enjoy the ease and comfort that comes with our propane payment and pricing options!