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Is It Time To Replace Your Heating System?

new heating system vermontWith proper installation, regular professional heating maintenance, and a little bit of luck, your furnace or boiler could last 15 years or more. But, eventually, parts wear down and efficiency suffers, and at some point, installing a new heating system makes more sense than repairing it.

Signs That A New Heater Is A Good Idea

The question is, when exactly is “some point”? Here are two big signs it’s time to replace your furnace or boiler:

Buying A Heating System: The Most Important Decision

While choosing the right brand and type of furnace or boiler is an important decision, the most important choice you will make when it comes to heating system replacement is who you will buy it from.

As with any home comfort purchase, it pays to shop around, looking for the best value when it comes to hiring a heating contractor. The key, as always, is to educate yourself about your new furnace or boiler purchase; the more you know, the better choice you will make. When browsing, makes sure to look for a heating professional who:

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