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What is ULSHO?

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, Protect Your Price, and Keep Warm!

low sulfur heating oil vermont If you’re wondering about the best way to heat your home, or you’re purchasing your first home, you have a lot to think about as energy prices remain extremely volatile. While there are several options—like propane, natural gas, and electricity—the best choice for central Vermont’s damp cold winters is oil heat. Those other fuels just don’t provide the same heating energy. And if you think heating oil is a “dirty” fuel…think again. Today’s ultra-low sulfur heating oil is as clean an option as any of those other fuels. But what is ultra-low sulfur heating oil? Let’s answer that.

What is Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil?

Ultra-low sulfur heating oil is the result of dramatic enhancements in the refining process that has produced fuel that burns 95% cleaner than it did in the 1970s. Traditional heating oil has a sulfur content of up to 4,000 parts per million. In contrast, ultra-low sulfur heating oil has a sulfur content of just 15 parts per million.

As a result, the heating oil we deliver to fill your tank burns so cleanly, producing such negligible emissions, that the Federal Clean Air Act doesn’t even regulate it anymore.

What are the Key Benefits of Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil?

What makes ultra-low sulfur heating oil a better way to heat your home? Heating oil in general has a higher BTU output per gallon than other types of fuels. That means it will warm up your home faster than other types of fuels. It’s also true of ultra-low sulfur heating oil…but because it burns so cleanly, it’s even more efficient, and it’s easier on your equipment, too.

Delivering Value with Every Gallon

When it comes to pricing, every type of heating fuel is reacting to pressures in the market. The global economy and any issues that affect the supply of crude oil will affect how much you pay to heat your home.

On a local level, seasonal demand always plays a big role. When temperatures are colder than normal, people use more heating fuels, driving prices up. That’s why we secure large amounts of heating oil year-round, especially during summer, when the costs tend to be lower, so we can pass on savings to you in the winter when you need them most.

But we like to make sure you’re protected from the volatility. That’s why we offer our Monthly Budget Plan. It you off the heating oil price roller coaster by spreading your costs evenly throughout the year helping to cut winter bills nearly in half and making it easier for you to budget your expenses.

We also offer Pre-Buy and Fixed Price programs that you can enroll in each fall season. Please note these plans are closed for the 2022-2023 season, but here’s how they work so you can take advantage in the years ahead:

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