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When To Get Heating System Maintenance

Hint: Add it to Your Spring-Cleaning Checklist!

hvac tune up Woodstock, vt As Vermont winters go, this past season was certainly not the worst we’ve had in recent memory. Not too much crazy cold, not too much snow—your heating system didn’t get as much of a workout as it likely has before. But that’s no reason to skip your tune-up! In fact, it’s a smart reason to schedule your tune-up right now. Coming off a less demanding heating season, you may not have noticed little signs that your equipment needs some attention.

System Maintenance Is the Best Form of Prevention

Did you know four out of five system breakdowns can be prevented with regular maintenance? Our techs perform multipoint checks and run diagnostic tests so we can identify those small problems and correct them before they become expensive, late-night breakdowns.

Our in-house team of experts works to provide expert heating service all year long. Here’s just a sample of what a professional tune-up includes:

Protecting Your Home Investments

A heating system is no small investment. Whether your equipment is only a year or two old—or edging closer to 20 years old—regular maintenance is the best way to keep your equipment running optimally.

Regular maintenance also keeps your warranty valid—which is important when any problems occur or if a part fails before it should. Most manufacturers require regular, professional maintenance to keep warranties valid.

Saving You Money Every Day

When your heating system is performing at peak efficiency, you’ll use as much as 10% less fuel. That means your home will feel more comfortable without running up your fuel bill to crank the heat. That keeps money in your wallet every day.

Plus, by preventing breakdowns you save on the cost of expensive and unplanned repairs.

Prepared for Repairs

Even with the best maintenance, breakdowns can happen. That’s why a service plan makes great sense for older systems that are more prone to breakdowns as they age, and for newer systems to keep them running like new.

Junction fuels offers two affordable options to suit any budget and keep you covered in the event you do need a repair. The cost of the plan includes seasonal maintenance, so you have no reason to skip it.

Coverage also includes 24/7 emergency service, for real peace of mind, plus 25% off non-covered parts and labor, and a $200 heating system installation credit!

Need to Schedule Heating System Maintenance? Call Junction Fuels Today!

Why wait for the busy fall season to get prepped for next winter? The benefits of your tune-up won’t wear off over the summer. Once your tune-up is done, it’s ready for when you turn the heat on again in the fall.

So, be sure to schedule your tune-up sooner rather than later. You’ll stand a better chance to get your choice of appointments, because once September rolls around, those convenient time slots get booked fast!

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